You've got to be kidding me, why him?

You’ve got to be kidding me, why him?

When I first drove for this service. I picked up many people one of the strangest, was this girl who came in. Now, you need to know a few things before I tell this story.

1 I don’t have much experience with people who are drunk or “tipsy”.

2 This was the first few weeks I was driving so I  initially thought this must be a test or something. Weeding out their drivers who do weird things.

So she comes sits in the front and acts kinda weird. Not sure if she’s having a epileptic seizure or just weird, I later speculate that she was tipsy. So, I ask where do you want to go and enter the address in the GPS.

She proceeds to put her hand on my leg. I am not sure what to do or say. So I just ignore it. I am not sure what she is on or what. So I ignore it. So I asked “Hows your day? Where are you going?” She says she’s going to the restaurant and starts complaining about her boy friend. “He’s an artist” she says “and has no money”. She continues and says “I have to pay for food every time we go out to eat.” continuing to complain about him for the duration of the trip. She then puts her other hand on my leg. I kind of squirm and not sure what to day. Kind of nervous this is my first week of working thinking to myself “Are they testing me here? She abruptly pulls away and say “Oh my God, sorry for flirting with you” I pretend nothing happened and say “Oh, it’s ok”. I then ask her “Why are you with him for all this time for about a year you said” she ignored me and tells more thing about him of why he’s not good alot more detail.

We soon arrive at her destination. She says that’s where the restaurant is. I say “ok have a good day”. She bends over gives me a hug and a kiss and steps out the car door and say “Oh that’s my boyfriend” I looked at her as she was walking hand and hand towards that restaurant and I am thinking to myself “Seriously you’ve got to be kidding. You’ve been complaining about this guy all the trip and you are going to dinner with him, Seriously?!

Then I think to myself ” I am a nice guy. I will pay for dinner? Come on.” as I see her walking hand and hand in the street toward the restaurant.

Later I thought to myself she was a bit tipsy and probably drunk and the more I thought about it,seriously do you think the ride share company really have the time to put people in cars and test people?

Some people I drive are a bit interesting.

I read somewhere that the opposite gender looks 25% better when one is drunk. So I must 25% off to be really hot to get that hug and kiss from. Damn. 25% off