You're going where?

You’re going where?

I gave a ride to three people. The guy sits in the front two ladies in the back. My normal questions

“How are you? How’s your evening? Where are you from?” all good stuff, then it begain.

I asked “Where are you off to?”

They replied “We’re going to a Swinger Party

I thought they were either drunk or kidding or seriously – both. So I played along in my mind going “Sure ok

I said “OH that must be fun” I touch my big belly and say “Hey I’d Join you but my belly is too big nobody will like me” They replied without batting an eye “Try PX90 or the Insanity work out. See how we look. We look good don’t we?” I looked and was like yeah they do.

I continued to play along and said to the guy “Hey you have two girls. Can I have the other for the party? No fair you have two.

He replied “Oh you need tickets” then I realized in the moment. OH wait they aren’t kidding, they aren’t drunk and oh man, they are serious. I asked “Where are you from? you sound local” They stated a local suburb and stated what hotel they are staying and looked at me before they are got out. They said “Look at this website they have the reservations and cost.”

After I dropped them off, I looked at the website and did find the site yip “Invite Only Swingers” and there seems to be alot of Polyamory and Swingers people out there.

I think I need to stop joking with some of the passengers 🙂 They all seemed like normal, everyday people you work with and friends with and they are. I had a vision they would have tattoos or piercing or purple hair but nope. They all looked very normal and pretty much are with a touch of difference in their lives.