you're a coolest driver

you’re a coolest driver

I was speaking to this to this Uber drive who told me this story.

I’ll write it using his voice. *cough cough my voice*

I get to the destination in the west burbs of Chicago then about to drop off the passenger then I notice my phone was not connected properly and not charging so my phone turned off and I could not close the ride. I got frustrated. This also meant I could not get another ride nor find my way back home. It was about 1:30 am and cold. I got frustrated and tired. This stupid phone as I was pissed off at this point. Would not charge because when it is under 10% and turns off  the phone will not turn on until it reaches 10% change to turn on again. So it will take a while to charge. I pull to the side street have my eye on the battery level and taking a time to take a nap as I was working for a few hours and tired. Not much money had come in. You know when you have one of those dayz and ticked off and frustrated and tired and like WHAT else can happen. Well this is one of them.

After 30 long minutes or so the phone turned on and I turned on the app to get one more ride then go home. Well that’s what I thought would happen. I drove up and saw a couple get in the back. One was a in a skirt and the other in a shirt and glasses a guy right? Nope two girls I guess two lesbian one a guy version. I figured this out when they started talking in the back that both were girls. I figured this will be interesting or maybe not it’s 2 am. What can happen. I’m going home soon right? One more ride.

I hit the direction button and drove and guess where I ended up? Yip the last place I’d thought a Stip Club I pull up and look at my phone again and damn it it was not plugged in right and died again. How do I get home? How do I close this ride? We arrived and they said they you’re so cool because we had a chance to speak in the car on the ride there. They were interesting I must admit. They said “We need a ride back later” I said “That’s nice but you just got here” they said they would pay for me to get into the strip club, pay for parking and my time while I wait in the club with them.

Ok I thought my phone isn’t working, I don’t know how get back home, and I get paid to sit in a strip club. I looked at them and said “yeah sure”

We go in and find out that she has a friend that works in the club. This will be interesting, right?

So we sit in the club, the girl dressed as a girl on my left and the girl dressed as a guy across from me. Now get this as the stripper pass by they keep flirting with the girl dressed guy and sitting on the lap on her lap and the girl that she knew came over and straddled the girl next to me. I’m looking at this drinking my water. I am like seriously this can’t be real. My luck a girl dressed up as a girl gets more action than I do. I looked upset and said “damn what luck” he I mean she said to one of the strippers take him (meaning me to the back) we go to the back and she gives me a lap dance. Eh Good consolation price I must admit.

I return and each time anyone passes by they look at me and say “he’s our drive from ride share isn’t he the BEST!!!!” I smile and nod.

I get paid, have a rest, good company, have a few drinks water but still it’s ok. I get a good story to tell.

Good Deal.