What's in the Air?

What’s in the Air?

I think this was the first sign, when I saw a couple dancing in the corner in the street. I thought it was odd. I looked around everybody else was normal just this couple in the middle of the day in the street corner twisting, turning and dancing. I did find it odd. A while later driving, I found another couple skipping in the street. Yes skipping. When does one find people just skipping in the streets? I thought it was funny.

I pulled over to the side to take a break for a while. I looked at my right and saw a group of people walking and saw a very attractive lady. Nice shoes, skirt and smile I was like “wow”. Thinking to myself. They all passed and I was like “eh” then not even a minute later they all walked back. I saw her again and I was like “whoah”. Then out of nowhere this guy walks toward her and says “I’m on Love. You are the most beautiful person. I’ve seen” She looks at him and says “Who me?” He says “Yes” I’m looking and hearing this conversation out of my car and the only thought in my mind is “Hey bud, I saw her first, NO fair leave”. Then I see her walk toward him get his phone and wrap her arms around him give him a kiss on the lips then walks away. I was devastated. What the heck was that?

Then I remember the previous day that I had spoked to a friend who said he went out dancing the previous night. After the dance club as he was walking toward the train station and looked over to see an attractive girl walking on the opposite side of the street. She looked over, crosses the street and starts talking toward my friend. My friend notices that she was a tad tipsy and asks “Are you drunk?”. She said “No”. Because my friends is a doctor, he naturally does a sobriety test and determines she mildly intoxicated. She starts giggling with his behavior, talks and flirts with him. Next thing you know the girl asks my friend “Have you a kissed a girl before?”. My friend says “No”. My friend being a gentleman turns a cheek for her to kiss him. She grabs his face and smacks a kiss on his lips. He is shocked. He he tells me. Then she puts a altoid in her mouth and then with another kiss transfer the altoid to his mouth. He later told me. “Does this happen normally in the US?”. As he was visiting from another country, he was from Pakistan. I said “Aaaahhh not really”, trust me this never happens, she must have been drunk. I thought to myself she was probably pick pocketing him while kissing him. Poor guy he lost a few bucks. This never happens in real life with out ramifications.

I’m thinking to myself what are the chances of a person just asking “Did you kiss someone” come on.

Later on in the same evening a few people come in the car. This one girl is very hyper and jumpy. “Hi! How are you? Where are you from? Are you single” I answered all the questions as I was being bombared with questions. Then out of nowhere she asked “Did you kiss a girl before?”.

Ok I maybe slow here but, Hey, I’ve been around the block a few times. It worked for that guy and it worked for my friend… I said “Of course not NEVER” and I smiled and looked into her eyes. He looked at me skeptically “Ah huh, sure”. Damn it I should not have smiled so widely and should have looked more innocent like my friend. We both laughed. We exchanged phone numbers. I’m still waiting for the kiss.

You know the funny thing is in the next few days I met a few more girls, that I was attracted to and tried out you know it works.

🙂 Some days I just don’t get it, and some days I get it. It’s just weird you know.