What's going on, seriously? Pi(e) day

What’s going on, seriously? Pi(e) day

I go to this bar right and I see everyone transfixed to the tv. Everyone is breathless. I’m thinking to myself “Oh no, Seriously?” Not another basketball game or football bank. Come on. I was thinking to myself.

There was nobody to talk to, because everyone was staring at the screen. So I had no choice if I wanted to hang at the bar. I looked up and saw a bunch of kids sitting down and one kid at the podium, sweating and just saying letters. I then realized they are all looking at a spelling bee. I soon realized I am “At a BAR with alcohol grown adults again at a BAR and these people are looking on TV at a Spelling BEE.” What is this world coming to? What happened to people attempting to kill each other in a footbal game or boxing? Wrestling more body contact, basketball more action but a bunch of kids so tensely standing there.

It dawned on me people just want some form of entertainment, tension, a distraction. Sports fulfills it and anything can fulfill it. Football players do not need to hit each other and get concussions, wrestling people hurt each other or anything else. Its just a form of entertainment, distraction that’s it. Simple as that and then why spelling bee?

Then I thought maybe people are just getting smarter and with their higher education they need more intellectual stimulation rather than bodies moving up and a court.

To look at other examples I see PI day. Used to be some obscure day and now it’ more mainstream. People celebrate PI the irrational number 3.14… an PIE the food to eat on Pi(e) day. Some intellectual brain day celebrating a number in math with food and an excuse to be hanging out.

Is society getting smarter and need higher forms of entertainment?

So I went to bakers square and had Pi(e) hmmmm…