What you don't make that much?

What you don’t make that much?

This person came in that worked for Starbucks, I think I can say that and we started chatting. I said the usual hellos and I said “Must be nice working for Starbucks, good pay and benefits.” Such as I heard in the news the school tuition. She replied “Do you know the details?” I said “Not really” and She said more “You know we only make $10 / hr” I thought they made $15 or more.

She said it’s only if the customers “TIP” and most really don’t. The customer mostly are nice but some are just rude and complain then don’t leave a tip.

I looked it online and yip as reported on GlassDoor.com they do pay $10 but it is a little above average. Tips I’m not sure the education thing. Was all over the news seems like a good PR gimmick really after you school starbucks.  I was kind surprised. Kind of gives me a newer perspective. It looks great and glamour job and easy job but they do put alot of work and it seem and get the short end of the stick. The CEO and Stock holders of StarBucks seem to be doing ok if you read the article.

She told me more detail of the owner of that Starbucks which I don’t care to share but it seems the workers do most of the work and most of the money goes to the owners seems one the top “realized pay” CEO in that regional area if you read the article. I think next time I’ll put a dollar or two more for the coffee maker, barrista.