water bottles

water bottles

I used collect water bottles not sure why. I had this feeling that I would need it one day. I have this power. I think most people have powers that we don’t use or want to acknowledge. Maybe other have this power also, but I could tell I have this power.

I would sometimes zone out like I am not listening to a conversation and I would spurt out something out and people would look at me strangely and pretend not to notice. You know those awkward moments – like something strange is said and nobody wanted to acknowledge it and pretend nothing was said. Sometimes these comments I said like in days or months or years later it would come true. Some would remind me and say “How did you know?” I would shrug it off and didn’t now. “I don’t know. I just knew.”

I drink alot of water bottled water. Don’t know why. I am always constantly thirsty. I truly believe was intended to be born a fish in this life and the wires got crossed and I was born a person. You know those lines before one is born. The almighty would ask what you like to be which animal, insect, person? I probably asked to be a fish or monkey. I like monkies and maybe got sympathy and born a fish as I drink alot of water. I don’t know.

Some people believe in an after life how you lived in this life one goes to heaven, hell or pergatory. It’s one of those continuous life cycle things. Maybe I’ll be a fish in the next life. I don’t know.

I drink these bottles of  water and don’t like throwing these plastic bottles in the trash not good for the environment, you know. I have this need to recycle, so I would throw these water bottles in the back of my trunk. There was sometimes some water left in the bottle, no wait most of the time some water left in the bottle. I would not empty the water bottle. Ok, maybe my lazziness I don’t know. I just knew there was a reason. So imagine this for a moment, a trunk full of half water bottles of water in the back trunk, in the back seat, under the chair and sometimes I would bring them in the house because as you know I just mentioned my intention of recycling.

I would get complaints, from people wanted to use my back trunk to put something like a luggage or something. It was always full.

One day, as it happens, I was driving in the middle of the night, middle of no where. I saw this man as I could plainly see the car over heating. I pulled up. I asked him “Are you ok?” He said “NO my car is overheating.” I said what would you like. He replied “WATER maybe you can take me to a gas station or something. I need help.” Honestly I was not going to give a ride to a stranger in the night, in the middle of no where and get him to get in my car. I didn’t feel comfortable.

I said “How much water do you need?” He said alot “Just a ride is good” I said “How much water?” as I got out of the car opened my good and he saw the bottles of water in my trunk. I took out a few bottles of water most half or less of water, as you know. He poured the water in the radiator and the car cooled down. I said “Are you ok?” He said “Yeah” I think, he looked amazed and shocked. I am not sure it was dark at night time. I gave him more bottles of water and he took it. I said “Good luck, hope it works out.” and drove away. I hope he got home ok that dark night.

Later on the next day I took all the bottles straight to the recycling center and stopped collecting half drunkin water bottles. I felt I didn’t need them any more.