This guy comes in and we start talking and says he’s going to Africa for a while. Traveling to work and have fun. He then says “Oh I forgot something do you mind if I pick up something from a store?” I said sure.

I pull over he goes in comes back with two boxes. He pulls out one underwear from each box and stuffs it in his backpack then I say I can dispose of the boxes.

I look at the box and quickly glance at the price $80. I was shocked. I said “Are you kidding me? $80?¬†Why what’s so special about these underwears?

He said “Because¬†they are made of a special kind of wool, very comfortable and dry really fast”

Now I get the special wool part and the comfortable part but I didn’t understand the ‘dry really fast’ party. I pondered the thought and I had to ask.

“Why do you need to get them dry really fast? I’m curious”, I said

He had a good reason. He said he travels alot and wears one and while he has time he washes the second one and sometimes there is no dryer and he doesn’t have to wait so drying fast helps.

Another mystery solved.