Trash Can Art

Trash Can Art

I saw this exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art and I was like WTF is this a pile of candy wrappers. Granted the meaning is nice but come on seriously? Art?

I heard once a cleaning person cleaned up the wrapper thinking if was garage and put it all in the trash. Not sure if that was true but kinda funny in my opinion and another time a trash can was placed in the middle of the room and people were around it trying to figure out the meaning behind it until the maintenance crew went and move it to the closet. Wonder if that was true or not.



So it got me thinking. If an Art exhibit is create with a meaning behind it the art can be anything it’s the meaning and metaphor behind it. Like Andy Worhol it wasn’t the art but the person behind it. Art like this isn’t the talent but the meaning behind it. So I figured I can do art if I put a meaning behind it.

I call this “Pedestrian interactive street” art and these are the photo of my art piece.

Photos of filled trash cans filled to the brim fill of visually Trash.

The meaning is when things fill up spiritually or physically and can’t handle life, the situation we are in we try to do our best and sometimes it’s over whelming. It’s not us it’s the system and the overflow may seem dirty to the outsider and unrealistic but in reality it’s the system. We try to balances the things in our life but to the outsider it may seem like a heap of trash but to us who try to make the best out of the situation it’s ART the best we can do and sometimes thing overflow and we can handle it. Sometimes in not so good ways.

So enjoy the art that people create in the street performance Called ‘Trash Can Art’

IMG_20141013_113611370 IMG_20141013_113619357 IMG_20141013_113705969 IMG_20141014_135040071 IMG_20141014_135259434