"This is how you become rich"

“This is how you become rich”

A passenger came in and I am not sure how the discussion steered into “How to become rich.” He said “This is how you become rich!” I said how?

I said “Invent something new” he agreed then I remembered and said “Nah” many people who invented thing died poor or didn’t make much money out of their invention look it up.

Then we agreed “Marry rich” then as I drove I thought to myself. I don’t want to be owned by the other person besides it’s their money not yours.

Then I said “Lottery” I looked at him and said “You know how much you have to pay taxes and besides all the distant and relatives appear from the cracks of the walls, nope not worth it.”

Then I thought to myself get a multimillion dollar contact as a basketball or football player. I shook my head realized the story that 1 out of 6 NFL players are bankrupt.

I then realized “Be happy with what you got that’ all your gonna get” Live happy

I recall reading this article making above a certain amount doesn’t make you any happier. So I decided this my real goal.