A few passengers ask me what else I do besides Lyft

I say I make website and one of the popular ones that I do is called so they posed for a photos sticking out their middle finger so that I can use on my website.


cool guy


The first to post for all three
Selfies, Mustache and TheMiddleFinger picture pose
Look for them in the other pages

Chris works at GoldCoast Tickets call 312 644 6446 if you need tickets for sports, shows etc.. sometimes he says it can be cheaper



A late nite couple wanted enthusiastically to be included


This guy I shared the idea of and he wanted to be included in this area I think it works at some big Internet company in IT.


Took these cool guys to near south area in Chicago when we took this photo the cops pulled behind us and made a sound we took the photo quickly


She was just cute a teacher teaching english from south east asia and visiting Chicago


These group of guys late in the evening close to nite saw the previous photos and enthusiastically wanted to be included


We hung out and she was very enthusiastic nice nose ring


She saw the group photo and wanted to be in it

This group I took to a bar and (they said they had been drinking since friday evening and it was 2 PM on a sunday wow… they were from New York) they invited me to come in with them. I needed a restroom break and stretch my legs. We chatted and they found out that I had a site called and they wanted to be in it. ┬áSo started my list of ┬ápeople sticking their middle finger out.