The infamous Wiener Circle

The infamous Wiener Circle

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I finally made it to the wiener circle the place that I had heard stories from my passengers for the longest time, from the $20 chocolate milk shakes (not sure why they are so expensive), to the Conan Obreien skit  (totally halarious), very interesting chicago public radio show ‘This American Life‘ and many other delightful stories.

I finally made a detour to this delightfully small place for a small visit. There were only these several drunk white guys in their early 20’s and us this night they were as I could get it trying to get the people behind the counter in the mood to be rude but to no avail. I ordered some food and from behind me I heard the guys say “Hey where’s the chocolate milk shake?” next thing I hear is from behind the counter “see you in the back parking lot” my order taker leaves out from the back door and a new person starts to take my order and the three guys leave from the front door and head to the back parking area, at the time I wasn’t sure what was going on but I guess later as I thought about it apparently for their $20 milk shake that I had heard so much about and it then dawned on me what the video ‘my milk shake bring boys to the yard refers to‘ in this case brings the guys to the back. I give my order and they were very nice. I heard you have to be rude to them first or you don’t get a grief from them so if you’re nice they are nice.

One passenger told me they once visited and were very upset that they were very nice, not what they had heard from their friends, and they called their friend saying “They are not rude.” Her friend over the phone said “you need to say something rude, say something like ‘where is my food bitch’.” she did and that apparently snapped them off and they went off on the person and she was happy. She got what she came for like the three guys got what they came for.

I spoke to them and said how much I heard of them and how famous they were and wanted a photo and they invited me to the food area for a photo and I said I have a website called and we all posed for the photo. 🙂 enjoy