the hatred of some people that exists in the world

the hatred of some people that exists in the world

I had a passenger get in the car. Sometimes I think they really don’t realize there are people in the car namely me. I am driving here. I can hear everything they are saying. Unless they are whispering, I am hard of hearing sometimes but seriously folks you’re right behind me and you’re talking like a few inches behind me. None the less, normal conversation I can hear them.

This one woman comes in and all happy talking on the phone holiday talk and blah blah. Winter season the same ‘ole talk, happy holiday, happy new year etc. .

Then it happens. She gets on the phone with the next person and I don’t recall how but it got to a point that she complained about Trump, yes “The Donald” and she continued to say.

“Do you believe what he said” without giving ‘The Donald’ the point of this article, let me focus on her conversation. She continues to say “I don’t believe him and hope he doesn’t become president” then she pauses. I can sense her upset with the change of her tone. She said “What you agree with him!” she says to the other person on the phone.

“What you would not vote for “Obama” anyone but Obama even Trump you would vote for”ANYONE but Obama anyone!!!” So she asks, exactly what was on my mind also, anyone? I thought of the most viled person in history.

She continues “So, you’re telling me you would vote for ‘Hitler’ if he was running for the election but won’t vote for Obama.” I just looked over on her phone and waited for her answer or his answer, I mean. I was curious who was this person on the other side of the phone. Later I found out it was “her father” not sure if biological or step but “Wow”. She was visibly shaking I could see how upset she was.

She hung up and I glanced at her while driving her to the airport and said “Sorry” you seemed very upset. I can’t believe your father would say such a thing. The hatred of some people the in the world.”

I wanted to give her a hug.

I thought to myself, why would someone hate a person that much, like Obama, to even consider voting to one of the most destructive  people in history like Hitler or the destructive divisive person like Trump.

I just don’t understand but there are many like that. I was just like wow. Lots of people who just hate in the world. Very sad.