Strange Night

Strange Night

I picked up this attractive girl, from a college area around the Chicago area. I do my usual “Hi, where are you going?” confirm address, ask for the seat belt to be put on and we head out. She seemed talkative so we spoke. I said “You’re going out so late in the evening on a monday, bar restaurant or music night. You’re dressed up.”

She said “No, I’m meeting a boyfriend.” I said “Wow that’s nice.” We spoke more and she mentioned “I’m in to older men” I said “Oh?” She said “Yeah he’s 41.” I said, “Wow, Really that’s old? I’m 48 I must be ancient!”.

She then mentioned that she’s 21. I said “How does a girl go out with someone older?” I continued to say, “You know. Girls your age usually are all over the place in their thoughts, not as focused.” I replied, “You seem very focus going to a nice school.” She had told me of her interests and other things she does. I said “Wow that’s amazing. So diverse and talented and smart going to that school.” I jokingly said “Man, how does one get to meet a smart intelligent pretty girl like you.”

Ohhh, I should have not asked, sometimes, I just just think I need to keep quiet, but sometimes I get to know my passengers more than I need do. She went on to say that she is a prostitute and into fetish world. We went on to discuss a place a previous passenger. I had driven a few days ago in the north side of Chicago it is male gay club and they are into “water sports” and they don’t like voyeurs only participants the people who attend are usually over 40. She mentioned that she was aware of that place. They know what they want. More information I need to know sometimes.

She mentioned, she’s going to her “boyfriend” and his wife is also a prostitute. I was surprised, why would he would pay if he has a wife in the same industry. She said his wife knows. I wondered to myself if she joined them? I didn’t ask. She mentioned she has a website, did it herself. She is very talented. She said that she charges $400 an hour and more for over night.

Really, I thought to myself. I’m in the wrong business I make about $15 / hr doing this. Wonder how much I would get if I was doing this. Probably nothing.

I dropped her off and wished her luck and have a good time, but I guess it’s just business. How much can one have fun doing the same thing over and over again.

I drove away and was in awe I guess. After a few rides I went to a convenience store to pick up a sub and saw a homeless man on the ground sitting. I gave him a dollar, he thanked me and I smiled. I went to get my sub and walked out. He was still there, my stomach was growling and hungry. I had a feeling he was hungry also. I said “Do you want a sandwich?” He said “yes” we both walked in and I asked him “What would you like?” the guy behind the counter said “I know what he wants the usual” I had the impression other people had bought him food also.

I stood away from him the odor penetrating from his clothes his body. I could not stand it. I tried speaking to him either he was not coherent or I could not concentrate I am not sure. The guy behind the counter said that I can pay for him and leave if you like. I said sure and to gave him money what was left from the money I left on the counter. The man who was homeless extended his hand only then did I notice that his shoe torn and falling apart, his clothes all dirty and smelly, but I thought to myself he is a person and reflexively took my hand out and I shook his hand like a person, because he was a person. I felt dirty in a way, my hand felt grimy and felt that I needed to wash my hand immediately but I did it. I think he smiled and thanked me and said “Have a nice day and enjoy your sandwich.” I then walked away.

I thought back to the girl who I had picked up previously, a few trips earlier. Some people think she’s dirty. Selling her body and spiritually dirty. What is the same between these two people. This man by some is considered physically dirty. Repugnant, both seem to be outcasts of society by some in a way.

I felt they were both people, humans trying the best they can to survive. One found a way getting education, doing what she like on her free time doing a job, from the sexual needs of others, not sure if she likes it or not but hey pays the bills and the other struggling on the hand out of other, the kindness of others the altruistism of others, which he was trying to make a living. Sometimes it works and most of the time not.

They both were people and trying to make a living just like the rest of us.

Sometimes I share stories like these to other passengers. One time a passenger after hearing this story shared a story. They, three guys went to Las Vegas. They were all approached by several ladies. Two of the guys were married and just curious and wanted to have fun. They just flirted and got prices for these ladies services the other one seemed to be very engaged. After half of hour of talking they stood up and left the two friends stayed at the bar shocked. He said they both thought to themselves. He is going to do it. They came back after half hour and their thoughts were “Wow that was quick.” They sat down and the ladies bought them all a drink and left. The two friends asked the guy who left. “What happened? That was quick.”

He said that he had asked the ladies. “Do you have a pimp or do you all solo.” She had shared they didn’t and it does get kind of dangerous. Some how he convinced her to act like her pimp and they both went to another bar and he acted like a pimp just looked at the other guys and because he was dressed up and big they got that impression. They had walked to another bar made the deal and she came back to get the other ladies. She bought them all a drink and gave him $20 for his services. I thought to myself not bad about $40 / hr service and free drinks. I asked him if they told their wives. He said he did but not sure if the pimpĀ  did yet, but they do have a nice story to share.