Squared Circle

Squared Circle

I picked up a family male, female and a small kid. I asked how’s it going and how was the restaurant I picked them up. The lady said that her kid was excited because this restaurants theme is wrestling called the Squared Circle and it was a gift for him. We chatted and they told me of how the owner was a former Former WWE and TNA Wrestler and and later I found her name was Lisa Marie Varon. I was like wow I never noticed this place.

I started to tell people about this place each time we passed to other passengers. One day a tall blonde haired lady comes in the ones you would think is like holding the signs in a wrestling ring. As soon I mentioned the place she gets very excited and excuses herself. Gets on the phone and is like very agitated and excited. I thought said something wrong and apologized. She replied “No NO all ok”.

Apparently calls a restaurant and cancelled a reservations then hangs up and called someone I find out it’s her dad.

She says “Dad I’m taking you out to somewhere special for your birthday”

When she hangs up she says that her dad is a great fan of wrestling and she wanted to take him to a fancy restaurant in downtown but just cancelled it and will be taking him here. Something that he would really love for his birthday. I smiled a few minutes later she got out of the car.

Last time I mentioned to anyone about the Squared Circle I don’t think I can handle such excitement in my car 🙂