Six Degress of Kevin Bacon

Six Degress of Kevin Bacon

I would sometimes mention to passengers that these stories that I put online here are getting good reviews and people like them. One day I said that I would like to get George Clooney to play me at me in the car. I needed a writer and someone in Hollywood.

This day this lady comes in and she mentions. “Hey I work for a writer that was a writer for Friends TV Show” and I mentioned jokingly “Hey and they know Kevin Bacon” yes that’s how conversations go in my car sometimes.

So 3 degrees to Kevin Bacon whoah this is scary, ain’t it. I mentioned to her some of my stories, gave my card and *crossing fingers* may be she’ll mention my website to her boss the writer and I get a tv series. *like my small cousin would say” “YAH RIGHT!!!!”

Hey I can dream a little dream 😛

Hey George get ready we maybe hiring soon. She did mention you only do movie rolls and no tv miniseries but hey maybe I can start with webisodes.