single couples

I have couples get in the car occasionally.

One time this couple get in and they are just staring at each other, I could see them in my rear view mirror. They joked and talked going back and forth, they said they met on OkCupid or some singles site. I got tired of them just staring at each other and just talking and then I said, “Aren’t you going to kiss?” So they kissed. I did feel like a cupid 🙂 bringing two people together in romance, ahhhh. They stopped and then laughed then we spoke some more. We got into a situation where it was a like an argument or something. I thought to myself, that I needed to think fast. I looked in my rear view mirror said “make up kiss time” and they did it again. Kissing. Man these two are so easy to make kiss. They both laughed again. I eventually dropped them off at a hotel. Seems they didn’t need any of my help front now on. 🙂

Well I don’t have photos of then but sometimes couples get in and start makin’ out, am I a cupid or what 🙂

May be they got inspired by this license plate in front of us