senagal girl

I met this girl name AWA I asked what country are you from she said Senegal. I said wow cool I just had a passenger recently who was from Africa and he said that in the east side of Africa he’s from there are not many animals just birds and lizards mostly. West side and central part of Africa is where there are the big animals like monkeys, aps, elephants and tigers.

She laughed are you kidding me there are animals everywhere then she showed my hand and said see and this is where a monkey bit me. I looked and said wow that must of hurt.

Then I asked how the heck did a monkey bit you? She said she had a pet monkey. I asked how many pets did they have she replied 3 one was hers name abu or something I am not sure of the name and each of her brothers had one each. I was like wow. I asked if she missed them she said they don’t live long as long as a dog like about 15 years I guess apes are the ones that have a long life.

I dropped her off at a senegal retaurant in chicago and thanked her maybe Ill go check out the restaurant she recommended and was going to pick up some food to eat, she said they do have vegetarian fish options. Yassa Restaurant