saw from a distance

I saw this passenger from a distance calling me with a soft woman’s voice. “Oh, I can’t see you. Where are you”, I replied “Where are you? ” the voice replied on my voice “Aaahhh, I don’t know.” I said “Look around you. What street names do you see?” and the voice again in a soft women’s voice said “Ohhh, I don’t know. I am soooo lost.” Again I asked “What building????” My GPS had given me the wrong address and I was a block over and the only way I could go was to go around the block to get this person. It was a crowed street and I was frustrated at this point and about to cancel the ride.

Seriously, a part of me finds girls that are so dependent and that squeaky girls voice and so lost drive me crazy. Really crazy and wasting my time looking for this person Pisses me off. I finally get to the destination. Call and can find no person there. I call and again the voice says “Here I’m coming out” I’m thinking to myself “Seriously? I was on my way there you could have waited at the corner for me and let it go quicker but nooo, you need to make me wait.” I see a body crossing the street and at this point I do not want to see this person. I am so frustrated. I just quickly for a short instant glimpse at the high heeled shoes and fish net stocking and give it not even a thought. I was like thinking to myself “Wow this girl is annoying but damn dressed up really like sexy with those high heels and fishnet stocking and couldn’t see more but was curious.”

Ok, some background info about me. This is what happens when I’m near a person who I think is attractive or dressed up like that. I stutter, I get nervous, cold sweats and can’t see the person in the face. I get too nervous. Yip this is exactly what happened this time. I just focused on my driving and just spoke to the soft women’s voice next to me.  I said “How are you? Glad you found me in the corner. Sorry it took so long.” even though I was pissed off at this point at this person next to me. A part of me wanted to know this person at this point but too nervous to look over.

I could hear the voice talking. I took the courage to look over pretending to look over to my right side of the window and glanced down to see some leg. I then noticed something weird. I thought to myself, “No wait that leg does not look like a girls leg, it has too many bumps and dots. Wait, wait it’s a guys leg in that net fish panty hose” I just continued to listen to that voice. A part of me pissed and weirded out. No it can not be true. I glanced again over again to make sure to the clothes. No wait there are no boobs. I continued to drive and listen to the voice. I had to know. Was it what I thought I saw or didn’t see?

I finally had to know for sure. I couldn’t ask and decided there was ONLY ONE WAY to find out. I looked over to the throat and noticed an ‘Adams Apple.’ I was like “Noooooo” no, no, no, no, going to my head why on earth would a guy dress up as a girl so freakin’ sexy like that no no no no, just screaming in my head, a part of me felt sick and nauseous the other part of me is this is just a person I’m driving to a destination. Then it dawned on me, I just picked up this person from a hotel, this person probably visiting someone there and doing something, which I don’t particularly want to know what, and dropping this person off at their home. I didn’t want to know any more.