Passenger Restaurant Suggestions

The following are suggestions form passengers.
Ponce Restaurant (Puerto Rican)  4312 W Fullerson  (773) 486-3148
Black Dog Gelato damn freak good gelato 859 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

The Brixton 5240 N Clark Andersonville Fine Dining and Wine Bar

Athenia Room

Sweet Mandy B’s

HandleBar good vegetarian place and she said same par as Chicago Diner and Blind Faith Cafe other good vegetarian restaurants

Bandera Restaurant 535 N Michigan

Coal Fire pretty good damn pizza, a passenger recommended it and said she will only let me give her a ride again if I go there and she’ll ask me next time and I have to truthfully say if I went or not. I went there and ordered a pizza and it ONLY took 15 minutes while waiting I LOOKED over at the counter and asked “WHAT IS THAT?” they said cheese and something, don’t recall and some sauce they were testing out. I said wow “look good” they offered and I kinda resisted not strong enough. I had one and it was wow like amazing. Ends up they were the owners and testing out it. I had that slice and ate the whole 16 inch pizza pie in my car ughhh ate so much but it was amazing 🙂

Brunch Deals 
Zellas (1938 N Clybourn Ave) drinks and Somosas Sat and Sun 10am-3pm (contact them for details) and karaokee really wow