re-cliaming bitch

It interesting I saw a video

Helen Hong On Why Women Need to Reclaim the Word ‘Bitch’

then a little after that saw about Monica Lewinsky

These two video was interesting to me, that some segments of our society specifically women in society are thought to fit in and don’t make waves and one way to control the narrative is calling a woman a BITCH then implicitly saying you don’t fit in, you are outside OUR norm and fit in or you will be an outcast.

Men, on the other hand if called a bad name generally reply back with a worse remark and a stand off, it’s dominance game and confronted, but women generally shy away and want to fit in my point of view don’t want to fight. Then I saw Lewinsky and she took a very dominant stance – she basically said she didn’t want to talk about a subject and made it clear and the interviewer – you didn’t respect that and she walked out. I see that as a very powerful stance. Basically saying I will write my narrative my story NOT YOU and walked out. Great job very powerful.

The other day, I had a person get in my car, while driving to evanston a local coffee shop, and we spoke sometimes I get into conversations and the topic was about workshop / training about ‘Increase access to safe relationships and environments that support health and positive self-perception.’  I found it fascinating what I understood is instead of doing a simply powerpoint presentation they do a play and engage people to talk about about positive self – perception and leadership and sexual decision making a host of stuff which I found fascinating.

I related what we spoke about in the car with the Helen Hong video and Lewinsky action on stage. That women should disregard what the narrative is in our society take more action get a voice and be encouraged to voice their words – one can always change ones mind a good example is this cup of tea analogy

but unfortunately many women and men of course consent to things they don’t want to do and feel pressured and it’s wrong of course  and are intimated by words such as being called a bitch, and don’t walk out of the room like what Lewinsky did and submit to what other want them to do. This not only happens in intimate setting such as sex but in asking for more money, the way ones wears (most men can will out out with a t-shirt to get a bottle of milk but many women feel that they will be judged and a simple going out is an ordeal – women think before going out – I need wear make up – what shoes should I wear etc.) it can be an ordeal that some women face that men don’t even think about it.

So it seems to me that words and culture we live in puts pressure and creates a culture where if women of how to fit in, how to dress, how to act and when demand a voice some are intimated by ‘bitch’ and put in their place in our society and men don’t play that game, generally speaking.  Get a voice.