pick me up, it’s cold

I got a request to pick up this person. We can see the photo of the passengers if they put it up. I see this guy with no shirt on with tattoos and  a hand gesture in the photo. I swear were gang symbol gestures. So I kinda knew what to look for when I got there and didn’t give it a second thought but in the back of my mind I was thinking is this guy in a gang is it safe?

I drive and the GPS you have to know is right 99.99% of the time but like in this case sometimes it’s wrong. If you put the wifi on it gives you a better more exact location but in that case sometimes the app or text message won’t work so I don’t have it on all the time . I’ve learnt when I get lost or its wrong I turn the wifi on but mostly it’s off like this time. This time seems a little dark hazy day because it was a snowy day very cloudy. There was alot of snow in the ground piles. Like you an see snow shoveled up to 6 feet or 10 feet piles where ever people can find space. The GPS gets me to a road left, straight then right and in front of me I see a dead end street and one car in a distance at the end of the street with it’s lights on. Piles of show on either side. Lights I don’t think were on or very dim. I just paused then looked at the photo and thought to myself. This is the end of me. This gang member with this tattoos and gang symbol is going to kill me and just waiting for me in that car in front of me.

You know when one see life pass before one’s eyes before they die? Well I did and seriously I didn’t see much. I was kinda saddened. I for an instant saw no point in my life.

In a flash I saw imagined two figures on either side of my shoulders. One seemed like the devil and the other angel and they both agreed that I should move forward.

The angel saying “Go on he’s waiting for you it’s the right thing to do. He needs a ride it’s cold.” I agreed here it is cold but he’s in the car maybe it’s not him in the car in front of me with those lights on.

The devil saying “Go on he’s going to kill you and you’ll be famous. The only rider killed in the line of duty. You’ll be all over the newpapers. You have nothing to live did you see much when life passed before you’re eyes?” I had to agree I didn’t accomplish much in my life. Life has been very quiet.

I snapped out of it. I then realized wait a minute if this person requested me he must have a cell phone and if I die they can catch him. No wait. I stopped thinking.

I slowly drove up to the van glanced and looked at the driver side window and said “Is this a dead end street?” He said “Yeah, are you looking for the grocery store? The snow pile is covering it. You need to go around the next corner  there to get to it”. I looked at him and smile and said “yes”

I called the passenger and said “Where are you?” he replied “I’m in front of the grocery store. Where are you? I’m freezing with my bags of groceries.” I replied “I’ll be there in a minute.”  I picked him up and took him home he was happy for the ride but I swear I wanted to tell him but to relieved at the time to say “Why the hell do you have a freakin’ scary photo I would not have picked you up!”