New Years Eve quotabes

Cool New Years Group


Yes, I had to work for New Years Eve 2014 this year going onto the new year. Most of the rides were usual. They get in I take then to their destination and wish them a new year as they leave the car. A few stood out as funny, except the one guy that came in and was very drunk and puked, when I asked him to go outside and puke, he  proceeded open the door and then puke in the car, on the door, and then finally puking in the streets then walk away drunk and stick both of  his middle finger at me while walking away. I had to scream at him and get his ass back in the car so I can take him home. He proceeded to do this 3 time jumping out of the car. Eventually I got him home. Last time I’m giving him a ride. That put a hamper on my nite as well as when the program stopped working for a while as the companies server was down. I headed home.

Well now for the more fun notables ones for new years eve people, when I got some on New Years day, I would ask “How was your New Years Eve?” Some said good while others said they had to work. A few quotes were the following.

One said to me, “I wish I could remember.”

Another one replied, “I don’t remember but I had a great time.” I turned back and smiled and said “Seriously?”

This statement eludes me for real. How can someone have a good time with NO memory? Isn’t having a good time based on memories or facts? Something that was done. Not a mindless sense of just laughing for no reason? Is having a good time just based on feelings and no thoughts? I grappled with this philosophical question for a while before I gave up but after a quick thought. I wanted to tell him. ‘Hey next time you want to have a good time come to my place. I will take your money that you wanted to spend on alcohol. I will be happy and I will knock you over the head and tickle you for a while. That way two people will be happy: Me because I made some money and you because you laughed and had a good time and you’ll still have a headache at the end’ but it was just a fleeting thought.

In one of my last rides a girl comes in and I gave a very quick glance and I said “Oh you’re going to work? Are you a nurse?” She replied “No, I am in my matching PJ.” I looked back and it was PJ’s. I told her of my quotable quotes as said above and she laughed and I said that she has PJ at her friend home and when she stays over she always has something to wear. “Your PJ are unique and I love the story. Can I have a photo” and she agreed to have a photo taken with me 🙂