never ride uber

never ride uber

A passenger comes in and we start talking he has a lot of interesting comments. One stuck out the most when he said “I’ll never ride Uber” I was waiting for something like service, price or something like that.

I asked “Why not? They are basically the same. Some price differences but that’s about it”

He replied “Do you know what Uber means and what it means to polish people the people who grew up there?”

I was shocked and replied “No”

He said “Uber means ‘over or above’ everyone else” (I checked on wikipedia and it does) and he continued to state that the word was used in a Nazi propaganda song when Nazi germany took over Poland. “Deutschland, Deutschland ├╝ber alles” which translates to ‘Germany, Germany above all’ (I also found this online later on )

He continued to say that the older people in Poland have a negative connotation to this word Uber and thing if the people who used it understand the past history and feeling that it conjures up. I was like “wow”

What things I learn from my passengers.