mystery solved

mystery solved

I like driving around it solves my mysteries and I can ask questions to find out why ask I ask my passengers or listen to the radio.
I ask question and find answers. This section I call


1 Why do dog wear Dog Booties in winter?

I initially thought the owner were all posh and wanted to be nice to their dog, but in reality – the booties helps the dogs to exposure to salt and other chemicals during the winter months. The salt can get in between their soft paws really irritate them. It’s kinda sorta for the snow too, but not really, I think. MYSTERY SOLVED

2 Why is there no ‘TERMINAL 4 at O’HARE airport?’ There is Terminal 1, 2, 3 and 5 but no 4?

Years ago there were terminal 1, 2, 3 and 4. 4 was the international terminal but it was where the parking garage is now. What happened is when they made the new international terminal they named it terminal 5 the old one they turned into a parking garage, now if they name the new terminal, terminal 4 then people would get confused and go to the garage expecting to see the terminal but they will get to the garage so the new terminal was called terminal 5 and the parking garage was made at terminal 4. MYSTERY SOLVED

3 Why are some houses in Chicago builder under street level? See images.

It’s because when the streets were made in chicago they decided to put the sewer drainage system under the streets. One way and the cheapest and easiest way was to lay the pipes on the streets then lay the street on top of the sewer pipes. In essence the streets and ground level were raised not that the houses were built lower. That’s why chicago we have basements that is ground level and we have street level. The basements is ground level and the streets are street level which is higher because of the sewer system. When people visit chicago from other places they sometimes ask. ‘What’s a basement?’ Now you Know. MYSTERY SOLVED