My parking spot!!!!

I have funny people around me I noticed. I sometimes think, I’m the only sane person in the world but probably I have a few quirks but I think they are normal.

Take my neighbors, God bless then they live across the street. I bet they have a difficult traumatic life because the following makes no sense to me at all.

I sit in my living room on the couch which the window faces the outside of my house working on my computer. I look out the window sometimes when I have moment to think. One of my neighbors loves his parking spot, to the point of guarding it with his life, it seems to me. I looked out one day a while back and noticed his car parking about 20 feet away from his house literally one car length behind in front of his house, there was a car parking in front of his house which I could not identify. I would glance out the window once in a while and work and glance again.

I saw movement from the corner of my eye and saw a person which I could not identify, normally I know all the neighbors. He walked toward the car in front of my neighbors got in, started and drove away. So now the spot was now open in front of my neighbors, who is obsessed with that parking spot. I noticed the empty spot and went back to working. Seemed like not even 5 minutes and the obsessed parking spot neighbor got out got in his car and moved his car forward 20 feet to have his car in front of his house. I found it odd, but there is something odder which will follow.

Then I noticed that his neighbor his spot in front of his house is empty. I continued working and seemed like another 5 minutes the next door neighbor of the person who is obsessed with his parking spot got out of his house and walked toward my house because the next door neighbors car was parked in front of my house and got in his car. Started the car and moved forward then backward and moved his car now into the empty spot. Now there was an empty spot in front of my house.  I just stared. Wow two obsessed people with parking spots. The only thought that came to me was. “Do these people have a life?” Really to look out their window to move their car? Really?