moment of embarrassment

Sometimes I arrive at a place and am not exactly at the spot they requested me. It could be because the GPS is off by a distance, traffic does not let me get there, I pass it and can’t back up to that spot, a host of reasons.

Once, I arrive at this one spot and look around can can’t find this person. I had driven back and forth many times, traffic was bad it was rush hour and I was very frustrated at this point. I call and get to her by phone and ask “Where are you?” she replies “I’m in front of the school”.  I said I think in an angry tone.”So am I! Can’t you see me?!!”

She replied “No I’m blind”. I look around and see a girl with a cane across the street from where I am and calm down and felt really bad. I changed my tone and I said “I will be right there to pick you up”. I try not to get frustrated as much it’s just a job. I don’t know where they are coming from, physically or mentally and I need to chill sometimes. I try to remember it’s only a job, the ride is only for a few minutes and enjoy the ride.