I was dropping some guys at a mens club they mention in passing that close by there is a massage parlor. I said “oh really” just for curiousity I wanted to know where it was. I didnt’ want to go there myself just for curiousity you  know. Just for my knowledge.

I found the area where it was and finally after a while from other passenger found out where it was. I was planning to visit. I mean pass the place just to see how it looked like. A few days later I heard in the news that a massage parlor was busted for prostitution and I was like “damn wonder what it looked like”

After a long time and many more passengers I was speaking to a passenger who said she lived next door to the place and always thought something suspicious was going on. I asked why she thought that?

She looked at me and said it was close to the train exit and all the time the windows were covered by thick drapes like no one can look inside. She looked at me at me and said “Sure gave it a weird suspicion on what was going on in there. Don’t you think?”

Well at least I have an idea what it looked like 🙂