license plate '0' never get any tickets

license plate ‘0’ never get any tickets

A SC passenger comes in and tells me that he hear a story of a husband purchasing a car for her wife and took a while but got her the plates to be “0” yes the number 0 and she never got any tickets.

I was like “What? What does a license plate of 0 got to do with not getting any tickets?” thinking to myself is it a sign to the people giving parking ticket or does the letter 0 and number 0 get mixed up when they are entering it?

The passenger says “Nope, it’s because the machines that the police need to input the license plate numbers needs a number, letter or combination but 0 is nothing the machines can’t register that”


I do a quick search on the web an find other license plate stories

Person who puts ‘no plate’, ‘None’ and ‘Missing’ and see what happens haha

license plate 0 gets alot of tickets 🙂