Jessica Rabbit - she's alive

Jessica Rabbit – she’s alive

I took two rides, back to back, each was one hour. You try sitting for 2 hours straight the body hurts. I’m not a young man any more my body hurt. I needed a break. So I pulled over from returning back, from the burbs and randomly found a street of parked cars. I pulled over to the corner and pulled in and turned off the app to get a few minutes of shut eye. I slept not sure how long. I felt it was 10 min but may be longer 30 minutes. I don’t know. After a while I got a ringing in my head. “Turn it on, work now. NOW!!!” So I turned the app on and waited.

I most of the time ignore the voices in my head but I had to listen. I had this sound in my head saying “get to work, enough sleeping” and also delusion visions. I think my mind is metaphor sometimes. I sometimes see people as animals which represent Aesops Fables. Fox cunning and Lion Strong so I know how to treat them. A long time ago I swear I looked over and in the street a saw a Rhino or some sort of animal roaming the street. I shook my head and it disappeared. I convinced myself that was not possible animals just don’t walk in the streets of Chicago.   I turned on the news later that day and they said an animal was shot. Yes it was a mountain lion and they shot it, poor little guy. Maybe I saw a mountain lion not a Rhino. I need new glasses.

After a few seconds after I turned on the app,  a call came in and I was like wow that was quick. I accepted and saw the address it was literally across the screen of where I was taking a nap in my car. I just waited for this person to come in. I closed my eyes thinking it will take a while but before I could put my head down, I looked out from the side of my car and saw Jessica Rabbit seriously. I thought yes it’s one of those times again I squinted and closed my eye and put my head down. “I seriously need more sleep. Why did I accept this” I thought to myself. I’m seeing things.

I looked again and yip Jessica Rabbit was walking toward me and knocked on my door to get in. Get this a long legged lady, in a red dress, long should length hair and yes ALSO holding a microphone with that microphone stand. I said to myself “This has to be one of those delusionary episodes I am having”. It can’t be real.

She was knocking on my door the delusion is real. I looked at her and said yes. She said “Where can I put my microphone?” I said in the back she opened it and put it in there. She got in and I just glanced at her. We spoke for a few minutes and found out she’s a Jazz singer her name is Shara Maxwell and I was taking her to a place to sing on Division street.

We took a selfie 🙂 wow some delusions are kinda cool 😉 I met Jessica Rabbit (ok  maybe a look alike)