jeni ice cream

I picked up this lady @ wicker park and passing down wells street. I looked at my left and was excited to see a Jenis Ice Cream, and said out loud “Wow, they have one here! I just know one way up north and it’s far.” and continue to say “Next time I am in this area I will come back now that I know one is down here so I don’t have to go way up there.”

My passenger replied “Wanna go” I said “What? Really you want some also?” she said yes, I replied “Really Now”  I said let’s go.

I made a you turn and stopped in front of Jeni’s. She got up and I said I’ll pay for my cone, she said “No I will.” I said “No it’s not right.” but she insisted and left the car to get some ice cream for both of us.

I waited and she returned and gave me a cup with two scoops I offered to pay again and she said, “No need, they took care of it” I said “who?”

She said that, she had told the person behind the counter that she wanted one for me and the uber guy in the car who pulled over and waiting in the car, the person behind the counter only charged her for her and gave me the ice cream for free 🙂 “Hey nice.” I said.

She gave said “Paying it forward” thx passenger and Jeni’s 😉