Is Santa training to believe in God?

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*myself and cousin Eden as Santa*

While a driving today it hit me. (Yes I get bored driving and my mind wonders but it is Christmas season and this was on my mind). Santa is a prelude to the training of young minds to believe in God.

This is how the idea formed in my brain.

God is a big humongous concept for children to understand.

Basically God is a person who is in the heavens seeing you, does miracles and when one lives all their live and then dies, then God looks at what you did and determines if one goes to heaven or hell. In a nutshell that’s the concept in the Christianity that the common person understands. Now if one tries to explain this idea to a child it’s a difficult big idea to comprehend.

Let’s break it down in to bullet points

1 A person sits in heaven and takes notes on what you do
2 God does miracles
3 Rewards you if you are good in your whole life

Now if we see these three concepts.

These are big concepts:

1 A person sits in heaven the concept of heaven is big and children can not understand it but how bout move heaven down to earth. North Pole let’s say and Santa lives there. Children can accept that it’s a physical place on the globe people can point to it. You can’t get there it’s to cold. Same as pointing to your home or friends home or where the child went to vacation. So Heaven is changed to the North Pole

2 God does miracles. It’s written all in the Bible. Santa does a sort of miracles he has reindeers that can fly in the sky, fit in chimneys carrying toys, move around the world really fast. We can probably find more miracles that Santa can do if we think about it but not as glorious as in the Bible of course.

3 God rewards a person at the end of their long life. A child can not think of the idea as a whole long life but understand a year or end of the year or better yet tell a child be good until winter. The child understands that and you will get a reward.

As child is taught North Pole, miracles of Santa, and getting rewards from Santa they act good to get rewarded.

Ones this concept is engrained in the child the concepts can be substituted to

North pole turns in to Heaven
Santa turns into God
Rewards as in Gifts turns in to Having eternal peace in Heaven

The concept of Santa we know came from Saint Nick from a Christian perspective.

So I wondered is it coincidence that the fable of Santa parallels the concept to believe in God or a well thought out plan.

I shared this with some passengers and they just seemed to reply with a smile and chuckle and said “We don’t know what to say”

ok, well, sometimes I get bored and just think strange thoughts and try to find patterns and figure out why things happen around me.