Is it that great?

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I have always seen limos in the streets and they looked so fancy. I was curious of how it is to be inside there. The images portrayed showed how people were happy and glamourous. I had the chance to sit in a limo and I must say. It was very uncomfortable, seriously.

1 Uncomfortable to get in and get out
2 Not much room to move inside
… and I can go on.

It’s realized how easy to make things more glamorous and great to other who can’t do it. Like vacations spots, or far away places and so on. Working on the notion “always seem greener on the other side” other teasing how great it is, a great story. Recognition of something that they have something or experienced something that you didn’t.

I realized that in most instances that people who have something good, usually don’t talk about it and keep quiet. They don’t want to get others to get it and they hide it. Thank about it if everyone does it then there won’t be enough for them. Some are enthusiastic about something but doesn’t mean it’s better. It just means they are enthusiastic like a new to and most of the time enthusiasm has a short shelf life.

My attention went to the New Years Eve celebrations, because it’s that season now, and recall a story that when people are in the large crowds in times square screaming and yelling and having a great time. One thing people don’t see are the bathrooms. Can you imagine being in the middle of the crowd and wanting to go? Well the story goes that some wear diapers because they can’t get to rest rooms, they are freezing in the middle of the crowd, it’s noisy, they can’t sit down and I can go on? Now, look at their faces probably frozen and seem happy and enthusiastic. Why? I really have no idea. I am in my warm house looking at them and a part of me is “Wow, they are having a good time, very enthusiastic.” this coming from my emotional side, but from my intellectual side thinking “Are you kidding me? It’s freezing, some of you are wearing diapers, no chairs to sit in, no food.”

I sit back and enjoy my life with no cramped limo rides and noisy new years party. I’m content with what I have. Enthusiastic about the spacious couch I am sitting in, the bathroom close by (not wearing diapers), food in the refrigerator, and close friends sharing it with and every enthusiastic.