Info about me

“I meet interesting people, hear interesting stories and learn things and will post them here as my adventure in life, enjoy the ride – safe travels.”

People I met in life, or while driving for some ride sharing companies. I get bored sometimes waiting and look around and find interesting things such as stuff in the street, license plates, talk to people and take photos with them and sometimes get some stories.

If you want to drive for OR get a free ride (if you are first time user) use the following code for the ride sharing!!!

Lyft use code Mustafa111
Uber  use my invite code UM59KUKUUE or lcick on link

I have guests who have visited me from around the world. Looking forward in having you as a guest.

I also do web application development. I have done projects for Motorola, Merchandise Mart and many other companies. My consulting company is Sattar Group Inc.