I know you... the weee guy

I know you… the weee guy

A couple get in the car, I do my usual. Routine works out well. I like routines

Hello my name is Ron what’s your name I check the name and destination. Ask them to put their seat belt on and offer some gum. As soon as I say that the girl says “I know you!” I am thinking “ok sure” then I reply “Where do you think you know me?” Kind of scared like what did I do or was it from school what, what?!

She says “You’re the one who asks people to put their seatbelt on.” That was right, I do and she states that there is a russian lady who does the same. (I think her and I will change the world making people put their seat belts on) She continued to say to her boyfriend sitting next to her “Hey, remember I said this funny driver, this is him. The one that asked me to put my seatbelt on” I was like wow that’s nice to be remembered.  🙂 he says I do remember.

We talk for a few minutes and I do periodic “weeee” when I make a turn. Left or right, if it’s 90 degress or more it’s a “weeee” if it’s 90 degress or less it’s a whooosh. There is a great weeeeee at belmont and sheridan road because it’s a 180 degrees one has to suck in a deep breath to do that to make the full weee sound turning the turn. I do have rules if they are french I don’t do wee they may return and say “Yes” and I don’t like explaining nor kids because it means for them to “pee” I don’t like to clean up. 🙂

He said “Hey you’re the ‘weeee guy'” I looked back in my mirror and said “Is there another?” He said to the girl friend “Remember I said there is a ‘weee guy’ that is soo funny this is him!” I was like you’ve got to be kidding me, both of you talked about me during the rides and thought it was two people and wow.

I felt nice 🙂 being remembered. I took a photo and he said can I’ll lick her for the photo I said “Sure, who am I to stop you.”