I have the ‘trump card’ – semantic shift

I heard on the radio that words change their meaning over time I found on the internet, greatest invention thus far. I found it, it’s call in semantic shift. Great talk in TED TALKS from the word nice, silly, awful, fizzle, etc.

I thought to myself that the current president, Trump, he seems to have a winning attitude. I like that, and I feel he thinks to himself “I have the Trump Card, I win”, then I think to myself, after he leaves what ramifications will it have in our political system in our semantics?

One that glares out to me is that in the past people in office were held in a higher light. Presidential candidates were exposed and stopped running for office if they had extra martial affairs and a host of other issues they just left ran out of office. Then comes this president. Blowing it all up being exposed by some allegations of not confirmed paying off porn stars, hotel room photos not confirmed, lieing well not confirmed (do I need a lawyer to list all the allgegations yet?) well many allegations and stuff let’s keep it that way I don’t have a good lawyer or insurance for pay for legal problems so let’s say he’s an angle and many allegations circling him.

In the future, I can see, when future candidates run for office, let’s say something is brought against a candidate and some thing is alleged they can use their trump card, not meaning what it means now ‘I win the trump highest card’, but rather the new meaning now “Look at Trump – he sucks more than me see what he did than me, I am better in rhetrospect”.

Alas the new meaning of “The Trump Card” semantic Shift from “I have the highest card” to “He sucks more than me, I win”