I can’t travel

Not me but some people, and these people want to see the world, and it’s not easy for them they may have a disability or sick int he hospital but a part of them wants to be there.

Years ago, a stuffed animal came in our mist in a group that I am in, called couchsurfing and Frieda appeared. I asked what do you want me to do with this stuffed animal called Frieda the person who handed the this little stuffed animal said the person who owns frieda is a physically disabled person who lives in germany who can’t travel and always in bed but wants to see the world – threw the eyes of Frieda.

I checked online found this person and was amazing frieda has her own facebook page and several friedas are traveling to this world even for years after we got one this was in 2017 and now it’s 2019. While I was taking photos, of frieda in chicago I was corresponding with the guy in germany then his messages disappeared and nothing.

I got busy for a while then checked online and emailed him and found out that he had passed away, while one of his frieda was in chicago, with all the RIPS messages on his facebook and frieda was still traveling via his initiative. A part of me is glad he saw the chicago photos of frieda while was alive. A while later I found a video from Nas Daily and found this service that a person takes a stuffed animal on a trip and sends back photos.

If you can travel the world do it if not do it threw the eyes of your stuffed friends 😉