I am dating RICH


I got this one girl who came in the car and she seemed pretty happy and smiled alot. I asked her how she was doing. When they come in with a smile and happy, I get the sense they will be talkative and have a nice story to share.

She replied “Very well thank you. I just started dating and it’s  so awesome.” She said “She’s rich and she said, she’ll take me to many trips. It depends on it goes. I’m so excited”.

I looked at her and said “Oh so happy for you. How do you know she’s well off”

She said “Oh because she told me” I looked at her suspiciously. I asked “Your friend have a car?” she replied “No, but she takes Uber alot”.

Wow, I thought to myself Uber is the new status symbol now for getting around. Not a Limo nor a Taxi but rather Uber.  I just looked straight on driving wondering to myself. How things change so quickly. I nodded smiling and looked at her happily “Wow so happy for you, you probably did find someone nice, so where are you going on your trip?”

She said “Oh I don’t to push her you know taking advantage of the situation. I’m a nice person we need to see how it goes. I really want to go to New York and see the art exhibit coming up”.

Then it dawned on me.  Wait she’s a girl and she keep referring to her friend as SHE. So to confirm. I replied “SHE seems very. Where did you meet HER” then she replies next to me “Yeah we met online OKCUPID.” I said “I didn’t have much luck on there must be different for you all.” I think she got my hint.

She smiled and looked at me and said “Yah, probably because I’m a lesbian and it’s different for us.”

I replied “hmm maybe I should have a sex change operation and date lesbian women. I’ll have more luck with the ladies and smiled or maybe she has a sister you can introduce me to.”  She smiles and said “Of course.”

Yah, she confirmed it she was lesbian and a second thought came to my mind about her. It seemed to me the same tricks used in straight relationships is used in the gay relationship. The same scenarios. The same old “Hey I’m rich date me and I’ll give you the world”, but in this case. I’ll take you to Uber rides and fill your trips on trips to New York”.

She replied “Yah and I don’t have much money so I’m taking you guys SideCar” and she pulls out a few dollars leave it on the chair as a tip and get out. I don’t want any tip and said that to her but she opened the door and walked away before I could stop her.

I wonder if her new friend is really rich or not, if she will to to new york or not or will be broken hearted or not but realized sometimes we have dreams we fill in our heads and stories we tell ourselves and other to fill the time we have and make ourselves feel happy.