I have a business opportunity...

I have a business opportunity…


I get this girl in the car she’s very energetic talks and talks and then stumbles on saying “I am this big business opportunity” I was like “What is it?”

She says “It’s great” I reply is it selling? “No” she replies “It’s more it’s great” I could not to the life of me get more information out of her. I said “I don’t like selling I do more computer and management stuff” She said “It will be perfect for you. Awesome we are having a meeting today.” I said “Not selling anything right?” She said “No it’s not.”

I get the time and place. I luckily am driving and find parking in downtown chicago which parking is difficult to find and stumble on this car


I get to the event wait at the hotel lobby and eventually find her and register and we go in. This guy comes in says he teaches at a big university and wife was there. They were not making that much money. Goes to the story of great opportunity. All this positiveness and how money is to be made, opportunity is much out of reach but with positive energy it can be reached and goes on and on. All the people who were a part of them can be seen surrounding the walls like caving the participants in. I personally felt like caved in. All his messages were positive and good.  I looked at my friend and smile she at me. I recall many times asking what’s the name of the company she didn’t reply.

Eventually sitting and listening to the whole story they reveal it’s Amway and how one can make a website and sell products on their website and one can make a percentage of profits. They go to say something like “How can you make a business for so cheap a personalized website to sell from all these companies that people you friends want to guy anyways. Why not buy from you?”

I looked at my friend and wonder why couldn’t she just be straight with me and tell me that’s it Amway and I would not have wasted my time. I recall family member and friends who did Amway. All excited in the beginning and after they do it for a while realized the following:


1 Amways request a monthly fee not as a membership but as regular fees for setting up the store
2 If you want to have inventory purchase it before hand so you can give it to customers faster, not needed but recommended
3 Seminars that you need to pay for as training and motivation

Each sales that is made they say you make a profit, which is true.

Consider this Amways makes money not from your success but rather than the monthly fees and percentage of your sales. They make the money upfront. If a person participating makes NO sale at all Amway has made the money.

I have had friends and relatives who did this for a while and each before a year stopped and spent so much money disillusioned.

I had to get out so I looked at my friend and said “I need to go to the rest room. I’ll be back” winked at her and smile and left.

Hey at least I got a cool photo of the car. 🙂