...had lunch with a friend

…had lunch with a friend

I have a weird strange life and sometimes weirder friends. I really think more so than other people. Really I do. I have learned to accept it in a way, sorta kinda.

A friend of of mine went out of town for a while several weeks. I noticed she posted photos on a few social media places and I saw a few and didn’t have time to see all the blog posts, her photos and stuff online. I was looking forward and anticipating her to tell me of her adventures when she returned. I granted we did speak on the phone a few times while she was there, so I heard bit and pieces from her, but I was looking for her company and fellowship of  eating together and sharing stories, her stories.

She returned and we agreed to meet at a local restaurant. We ordered and I asked her “How was it? The trip?”

She replied looking at me puzzled. “Didn’t you follow me on facebook? I posted what I did”

I replied “Yes of course I saw a few things but didn’t see all of your posts”

She looked at me annoyed “Well it’s there!”

I thought I’d take another tactic and asked, “Hmm so have any photo?”

She just gleened at me with her annoyed eyes and stern voice and said “They are in Photobucket.  DIDN’T YOU SEE!”

I got the sense I was annoying her, but I tried again and again to get her to tell me of her trip while I took the effort to have food with her and hear a story or two and each time I mentioned anything, I got a website and a look. I just gave up. So we sat there quietly staring at our food eating and glancing up at each other once in a while. I smiled and she looked at me very annoyed. I think because I dissed her by not looking at the websites she had carefully put online and shared while on her trip.

In a weird turn of abouts I saw a purse on the floor that someone had left, while eating next to us and had just left. I mentioned it to my friend. She opened the purse and  looked into it but no phone and no address but we found a name. We googled her name and found a phone number. We called her and she came back to the restaurant and  delighted that we found her purse. She thanked us for finding it for her. We chatted and found out she ran a local neighborhood new paper. She was in her 80’s very lively and energetic. It was a pleasure to meet her. She spoke about her life, her husband and so on. We spoke for a while. It seemed like eternity. It was a pleasure to meet her, a new freind.

When my new friend left, It then dawned on me that sometimes technology breaks some people apart and sometimes brings some people together. I don’t talk to my old friend much anymore maybe once in a while look her up online and looking forward in reading my new friends newspaper and chatting about her full life more one day.