gotta love drunk people

gotta love drunk people

I had this one girl come in and she was drunk, well I think or maybe a bit tipsy. I really can’t tell. I don’t have much experience in being around drunk people. I just think drunk people are very happy or open, not really drunk. As I am open person I don’t need alcohol to open up but I see some people do need alcohol to open up.

Well this girl gets in and she starts talking and says that she’s a teacher and teaching in thailand. I said “Wow” I find traveling fun and listen intently. I asked “What are you doing in Chicago?” She replied that she’s vacationing and staying with a friend and she hasn’t seen him in a while. I was “Oh, thats nice of him.” Then she goes on to say “There isn’t too much room at his place.” I thought to myself ‘I bet I know where this is going’. I said ‘Oh sorry to hear that it’s crowded’ She goes on and says ‘Yeah and we sleep in the same bed’ I said ‘oh ok so you two are dating?’

She says no ‘He’s isn’t doing anything. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. What’s wrong with me? I’m attractive. Why doesn’t she want to try anything with me’ I look over and say “Ahhh nothing, you seem like a nice person and attractive. Maybe he respects you and you’re a guest and it would be inappropriate to try anything because you’re a guest.’

She continues to complain “No you don’t get it he has other girls over and what’s wrong with me”

We reach her place and I just look at her. I was torn to telling her that I have room at my place or couchsurfing where people share rooms for friends I could have her stay at a friend if she’s too crowded.

I just looked at her and said “Good luck”, she opened the door walked out and said “Thanks”

Man some people really have serious problems and others just make some stuff up in their heads 🙂