give me a handout

While driving the other day I saw some people in the corner asking for some money. I was in my warm car thinking “not again” as many others do. I saw one open their window and give them something. I saw a cold shivering body walk toward me but the light had changed and I had to move on.

in that instant I recall years ago that while I was going to a job interview and went  to pay the meter and did not have enough to pay the meter, well dressed people walked by and I asked they said no, other people just ignored me and I felt like a person asking for money but I was just asking for a quarter like those beggars and I felt like them but I really needed it, not like them as I thought.

Then this person who was grungy looking comes up to me and by this point I am frustrated  because I am late for my interview and this guy is probably going to ask me for money. He looks at me and before he finish his words. I said angrily, “Look I’m late for an interview and I don’t even have enough for the meter and I can’t get this job and please do you have a quarter?”. He looks at me puts his hand his in pocket and has more pennies than anything and says “Here hope it helps”. I looked at his and just wanted to apologize and thanked him. I said I would repay him and never saw him again.

I was only temporarily short term down in my luck and this guy luck was longer mine was resolvable in a few minutes his may take take longer but we slip sometimes in our lives and need a hand out and in return we return the hand.

I saw this on social media today


sometimes we eat and sometimes we are the food, up and down remember that

The people in their three pieces suites walked away I thought that was mean and the person who had the least helped reminds me of the Ted Talk

Rich makes people mean

as I drove away I wonder if I would have given him anything if he knocked on my window in my warm nice car and wonder if many people would have for this guy temporarily down on his luck and other can be also at some times in their lives.