Gay Marriage?

I was listening to the news as most of the time as I do while driving. The topic of Gay Marriage came up. Personally I don’t care either way. Doesn’t effect me. I really didn’t care either way, but in the news one can hear the passion of some people wanting to get marriage. I really never had a big urge to get married and didn’t understand what the point was. I could respect their opinion, but was really like ‘What’s the big deal? Really?’

I got this lady in the car as I was listening and turned it off.  I said off-handedly “I don’t get it what’s the big deal with Gay Marriage? They can live together isn’t the good? Why tell the state their personal business. People can live together all the time and share the same bank account, do this and that so why the paper?” I thought to myself was it to prove something ‘or why not civil union?’

She responded as I was driving with a few comments that I found interesting, profound and opened my eyes.

She said ‘It’s more than that’ and I asked ‘like what?’

She said “Yes someone can live together, but when the couple want to open a shared bank account there is more paper work than being married. When people want hospitalization visitations rights isn’t there, they have no rights and if you do, there is paper work to fill out before hand, and if the family contests it you have no rights to see your partner” She went on and on one example after another. ‘Banking, Hospitalization, After death rights, inheritance, many other things that one does not think about that the government gives rights to when a couple is married’ but if someone does not have the right to get married, each of these rights one has to fight for, go to court to do the paper work and can get it. Such as hospitalization visitations rights, death rights, etc…

So basically it hit me. People can virtually get married do civil union, then they do not have ALL the rights as a marriage, they have to do much more paper work in the courts of other institutions to get those rights and can do it. So, it’s just a hassle and costly. It’s not illegal to get all the rights of a marriage for a couple, but it’s a obstacle and costly and to many who don’t have the time and money to fight for each of these rights, most couples don’t bother and they suffer. Can you imagine living with someone for years or even decades taking care of that person that you love then at the end of live in the hospital they don’t let you in because you’re not married or can’t show a piece of paper before hand going to court to get? or if they died and you have no right for burial or see them because the family does not approve? and a host other things that can come in life?

So it’s not that these right can not be received but only for those that have the resources and time to get them in court and gay couple have to have the financial resources and foresight to get. All these rights are granted to ‘straight couples’, but not for the regular gay couple.

If gay marriage was allowed then all the obstacles will be gone. Gay marriage is not to tick off the religious community but rather have their rights as people their ‘Human Rights’ realized.

I looked at her and thanked her as she got off of the car and I think I got it for some people it’s just a right.

I then asked her how she knew so much and so good at explaining? She said she worked as a LGBT Community Center.  What a coincidence.