Gay Bar, why do you visit there?

I picked up this woman from a bar called ‘Big Chicks’ and she was very happy when she got in the bar. I was curious, why she was so happy what kind of bar was it. I thought maybe a karaokee bar, Sports bar, I hear some bars they have game and trivia night or something like that. From her enthusiasm and comments, I was curious. She replied it was a ‘gay bar.’

I was puzzled from her answer and asked. “Why do you go to a gay bar from your comments you seem straight.” She answered by a profound statement, “It’s great the guys are gay and they leave us girls alone. We just want to go there and have a few drinks and have fun. They don’t hit on us and bother us.”

I was wow, now that’s one reason to go to a gay bar. So I started telling this story to many people to ladies more and some agreed and some laughed it off.

I picked up, a while later, a guy from the bar of course expecting him probably to be gay of which he had walked out of the bar. Good to hear from his perspective of the bar I initially thoght.

As soon as he got in I was ready to ask, but before I could ask, he started talking enthusiastically about getting a ‘girls number’ I was curious why he was so happy about getting her number. I asked “Aren’t you gay” he replied “heck no, I go there to meet girls” I was was like “What???”

He continued, “Yah these girls go there thinking we’re gay and they are open, and themselves and just free and just talk to us. I never say I am not gay and they don’t ask. They just assume. It’s not my fault they assume I am not gay ‘right?’  I am just friendly and talk to them and before they realize anything. They like me and we become friends and we exchange numbers”

He said “Great way to meet girls” I was so surprised.

Seems like a war, move, counter; Ingenious, deceitful or just fun. I dunno.