garbage is profitable?

I once drove past the alley because they had the street blocked off. I saw some cool furniture and items and I was like damn I should take it. I looked over and saw several people dumpster driving and going to old couches.

I called one over and said “Hey want a few dollars?”

To my surprise he said “No we’re fine.” I said “Really? What are you looking for? ”

He puts his hand in his pockets and pulls out a few rings it looked like gold and diamonds. I said “Where did you find those?” He said some people don’t look carefully when they throw stuff out especially in the couches. I was like “WTF?”

One of those gold rings was at least $500 or more a few of those finds a week or month is like good money.

I was in the wrong business. I had to work so many hours to make that kind of money and his method seem alot more fun.