game ethics

game ethics

Sometimes I have good conversation from simple question “Hi, what do you do?” this is one of them.

A person came in and said he was a teacher the 2nd teacher that evening sometimes there seems to be a theme going on. He said one of the courses he teaches is ethics in gaming. I said “What ethics do you need in gaming. It’s a game for goodness sake.”

He said that some games are violent and some think that it promotes violence. I think we both agreed that it doesn’t most people it’s just for fun a release. I got the sense he also agreed. I took devils advocate for a while and said what if someone is predisposioned for violence and this is a way of practicing his violence. I continued and said what if a person has a mental issue such as psyzchophrenia that can not tell the difference between reality or fantasy or a mental disease like that and was not diagnosed and goes into a store purchases a gun because this person is not diagnosed and plays out a role. Is that possible.

Maybe if the person who played out the role in a fantasy game possibly may not that game maybe from reading a book or poem or anything could have done that act. Video game playing for these kinds of people maybe a better place to practice. Also I thought of groups of people that act a certain way people of their friends they keep help them through struggles, keep them occupied. Imagine yourself do you act the same at work, with your friends, at religious gatherings. We all adjust and act like in a play differently where we are. I see that people most people act “normal” or adjust and when some people do not have this social net to let them “adjust to their conditions” and get in a group that promotes violence or they practice being violent they can act it out.

What if I was thinking, if  people who purchase guns have to go to do a mental background check for psyzchophrenia, mental health or something that they are “ok”, wonder if that is even possibly, not just those who have been diagnosed so far. Maybe we need a national health care system that promotes good health care and checks on people and this does not happen, a few countries have this.

The ride unfortunently ended and I thanked him for the nice chat. I really wonder if this and when this issue can be solved.