Four Corners

Four Corners

I went to get my cell phone replaced and while they were fixing my phone. I asked what city is this? They named me the city it was a suburb of Chicago. I asked where is Chicago? He replied “There across the street. That corner is another city and that another.”

I looked and dumbfounded literally this corner had four corner of four cities so if you stood in the intersection you would literally be standing in 4 cities one being Chicago and the other 3 being the suburbs of Chicago.

I get these strange thoughts once in while. I don’t know where they come from but  I  looked at the guy and asked “Hey what if someone does a crime or kills someone in the corner. Who’s responsibility is it, what city?”

He said “You know the funny thing is. Years ago there was a fight right at the corner. Two people fighting? The cops were called. All the cops came from all four areas and just stood there watching.”

I was like “Seriously? None of them did anything?” He replied “Nope” I said “Are you kidding me? Did you ask the cops why they did nothing and  just watch.”

He reply, “Yeah. The cop murmured something like ‘There will be alot of paper work.’ I don’t want to do it.”

I asked “What happened then?”. He said “The cops all waited until the fight was over and whatever directions the people ran the cops caught them and they were responsible for the paper work in their city.”

Yeah then it hit me. Go figure the cops are regular people too. They don’t want to work more then they have to 🙂 and always like to see a good show like a fight like the rest of us.