enough with passengers with not good so attitudes

I think, no I think I have enough of passengers that are not nice. Most passengers or I like to call them guests for the ride. I offer gum and chat if I get a sense they want a conversation. I have learned to greet them when they come in ask them for their names and state my name, this way they treat me as a person. Not like one of those other drivers. I confirm the address to make sure they are going to the correct place. If they come in with some noise in their head I let them focus. I take control. I am the driver. Wait until they settle down and get this info. Most follow the script. I then ask them to put their buckle up. Most all comply and some even thank me, which I find it gratifying 🙂 I feel touched and some even say “thanks for thinking of my safety.”

If they don’t give me their name or give me hassle I get to see they are not in the right state of mind to give them a ride. Sometimes they say “I never put the buckle on” I say if you do I will give you a piece of gum that I have in the back. These people most of them smile and say “just for you” because I had just introduced my self as a person they comply. Sometimes just sometimes they come in with a not so good attitude. I used to think “Hey I need the money” then I would drudge give the ride and get a not so good ride and get a not so good rating.

Now I had enough. If these few words show me the passenger are not compliant or not good attitude. I ask them to leave and get another ride from another driver for a more pleasant ride.

This one passenger came in. The door was locked it was my mistake for keeping it closed usually it’s open but sometimes I close it for safety. She had a luggage and tries to open the door and knocks on the window I unlock the door and apologize the door was locked. I said “You can put the luggage in the back or bring it in if you like.” She swung it in and started angrily telling me that I was the rudest driver. Having the door locked, not helping her with the luggage and when I asked her for her name she repeately asked me who am I suppose to pick up. I said “I need your name from you I do not say your name” She got more frustrated. I said “I need your name” she eventually gave it to me and I confirmed.

She again went on a rant about not helping her with her luggage and not helping a lady with her luggage and other driver would help instantly.

At this point I realized this was one of those ride the few that were not going to be pleasant. I looked at her and said “This ride is cancelled. You will not be charged. Please find another ride.” She said “I was never treated so rudely and I will be late.” I said “I do apologize but I don’t feel comfortable giving you a ride. I did apologize for not opening the door and if you needed help with your luggage just ask. You are an adult you have a mouth, you just needed to ask and I would have helped you.” I realized some people want to be independent and stand on their own feet. Some need to learn to ask for help. It’s ok to ask for help. I though just because she was a man or women we are equal and everyone have a mouth to ask. This attitude of I’m a women and you are man and must help. I do find it annoying.

She looked at me surprised. I continued and said “You are welcome to wait in the car for the another car to come so you don’t catch a cold.” We waited and she got out and got in the other car. I noticed, as I was driving away, that other driver got out and helped with her luggage. I hope she’s happy.

At the end of the week my rating was a perfect 5 for the whole week first time. Amazing how a few words like “get out” helps in my sanity, gives a more pleasant time for everyone and gets me a 5 rating first time EVER!!! woohoo 🙂

Some say I should have gotten out to help with the luggage but really? Could she have just asked?