Elmo - I found him

Elmo – I found him

I get a request and the name is Elmo. I’m thinking to myself, ‘oh yeah ok’ it’s a joke right? Who’s named Elmo. I thought I was a scam ride or someone is going to walk in with a red fuzzy bear doll or someone in a costume suite.

I went to the destination waited. Could not find any one and called and someone said ‘I will be right there’ so I thought ‘Ok it’s real’ I waited and this guy get’s in.

We chat for a minute then I could not hold myself to ask. ‘How did you get the name Elmo?’ He said from his Dad. I waited and thought and asked a follow up ‘Where did you dad get it from?’ He replied ‘His Dad.’

I looked in the back rear mirror and said ‘Wait you’re telling me there is 3 generations of Elmo’s in your family?’ He replied ‘Yes’.

I was like wow I get the 3 for the price of one haha

I said ‘So how was it being Elmo when you were a kid?’ He said good and bad. ‘Bad because the other boys would tease me and I would get into a fight and the girls like it and would poke my stomach and I would get dates’ Hey good deal I thought to myself.

He continued and said that when he was a waiter he didn’t want to upset the kids because of the scandal so his tag name was ‘Mo’ hmm I thought that was nice.