Can't do Airbnb

Can’t do Airbnb

I got this girl in the car we started chatting. She asked me what else I do besides driving.

I replied “I do programming websites and Airbnb. Rent out rooms”

She replied “She can’t do Airbnb.”

I asked “Why not? You can even rent out a couch. Doesn’t have to be a Room.”

She said “No you don’t understand. I’m a Felon.”

I looked over and the only thing I saw was a young good looking girl, blonde hair blue eyes and young, later to learn not even 21.

I sarcastically smiled and said “What did you kill a person?”

She replied, “No got convicted of Drug Dealing”

I was kinda of shocked and thought to myself, she must be kidding. I asked “Come on how much can you make?”

She replied “In the last year or two we made a few hundred thousand dollars.”

I said “What?!! Seriously?” then I thought for a fleeting moment I am in the wrong business.

She continued and said “We got caught doing something stupid”

I turned my eyes to her and asked, “What?”

She said, “We carried too much. When he got caught. I told him not to. He put too much in his pockets and backpack. He should have kept it in the safe area and keep coming back but he had too much on him.”

I asked “Then what happened?”

She continued, “We both got convicted. He’s over over 21 and probably can’t get his records expunged for another 7 years and Ill get it expunged when I’m 21. Soon.”

I said “Why do you think you were let go so easily?”

She replied “The judge thought he influenced me because he was older and a guy, they threw the book at him. The judge saw that I was going to school and accepted to a good program at a good university. He didn’t know that I was the person who planned it all and behind it all. Now I need to be drug tested very off by my PO is good he tell me when so I can get myself clean before the test. Cocaine takes a few days. Marjuana take longer. Alcohol about 24 hours. She asked me you know any places open?” I shook my head back and forth “Nope”.

As she’s telling me this. I am thinking a few things.

1 If you’re ass was black or hispanic you’re ass would be in jail for 10-20 years, being white and a girl and young really helps.

2 You do not fit the drug deal type like the movie “Orange is the new black” show. I bet with all the money that’s in the streets more people sell drug and use drugs that are not black and poor, even though these two groups are disproportionally in jail. Most drugs sellers are white and middle class, they have lawyers and go to rehab and get their records expunged. With all the money in drugs if it was concentrated in the black poor community all the poor people would be rich. Think about it.

As everyone knows there is alot of drugs in Fraternities, Schools, underground parties and cocaine expensive the expensive only sold to wealthy clientele. Why are these groups not busted more? Why get people more in minority and poor areas?

She got out of the car and was amazed how much a good looking white girl can get away with in this world damn “White privilege.” and in her case “White ‘young girl pretty girl’ privilege” is much better.



I found this seems it’s going on alot

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